Death threat sent to opposition candidates and political activists in Colombia

I have just received this translation of a death threat which was sent out from the paramilitary cell Urban Commandos-Black Eagles yesterday:

“Your time has come pig whoreson communists, this is your only warning to get out of politics and save your pig lives: [opposition candidate] Ivan Cepeda who tries to get famous for persecuting and slandering the best president Colombia has ever had, Alvaro Uribe Velez, together with the terrorists of the Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers Collective – the CAFARC – who pose as human rights defenders, and now with their own candidate, the cynical M-19 terrorist Alirio Uribe Munoz, who asks to be called ‘the other Uribe’ so as to smear our real leader, poor sons of whores we are going to stick dynamite up your arses and with the leftover skin we’ll make wallets for the pigs to eat. All you Cafarians and those of MOVICE are warned. Let Cepeda remember the execution of his terrorist father, he’s condemned to follow his footsteps, let that slag [opposition candidate] Aida Abella go into exile, and if not, let her remember that we may have failed once, but we won’t fail twice. Also we will make those who are defending the terrorist Mayor Petro* and attacking the Procurator pay. Colombia is democratic, we will achieve peace without terrorists and without communists! Petro’s head will roll and we will play football with it. Colombia is democratic, we will achieve peace without terrorists and without communists.”

*Note: Mayor Petro is Bogota’s social democrat elected mayor who was recently removed from office by Colombia’s public office watchdog, who is an ally of former president Alvaro Uribe. Read about it here.

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